Dr.Scalp is glowing based on the customer’s trust and the expertise of technology, and we become a global brand of hair loss and scalp cares. Imbalance of hormones is caused by genetic factors, various stress, environment pollution and changes in eating habits in the modern times. Thus, the number of people suffering from hair loss and scalp problems tends to exponentially increase. Dr.Scalp always pursues the expertise and confidence as our top priority Dr.Scalp has the hair loss & scalp specialized care center which manages and improves hair loss & scalp cares which modern people are worrying by using scientific and clinic.
As Dr.Scalp enters international markets in China, US, Europe and Asia in addition to Korea, Technologies and value of the company are being recognized. Dr.Scalp is being committed to conduct the research on a new technology to open local centers in 10 countries and to export our professional products to 20 countries under the slogan of “Global 2020 Vision”. Please experience the new world of “Hair Health Care” together with Dr.Scalp.

D’CARE Scalp Active Solution


Capacity : 20ml
Manufacturing No : Indicated Separately
And Expiry Date : Indicated Separately
Efficacy Effect : Helps and improves hair loss symptom

How to use
Sake the product lightly, apply an appropriate amount to the scalp, then massage with your finger to absorb


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