Water Cream and Hydrogel Pack All in One!
All day pack! Hydrogel water cream

Shape Memory Texture
Shape-memory type cream is applied gently to the skin and filled the contour skin to improve skin soft and glossy.

All Day Hydrogen Pack Cream
Sodium Hyaluronate and some ingredients offer abundant of moisture, and helps to keep the skin hydrated with Rebirth Emulsion technique which reduces the loss of skin moisture.

Patented Ingredient SRGF H1 Complex, Centella Asiatica Extract (5,000ppm)
Helps to soothe the roughen skin and make it refreshing with patented growth fact complex.

Soft Skin Texture
Fills the curved areas of the skin tightly to be more effective for make-up, and it looks soft and clean skin texture as a make-up primer skin cream


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